About Koester's Sealcoating

Koester’s Sealcoating is a 3rd generation asphalt maintenance company with nearly 25 years combined experience. The name Koester has been synonymous with asphalt maintenance since 1953 when Herb Koester, Darren and Kelly’s Grandfather, started MONROE ASPHALT with his brother Richard. Years later Herb Koester sold his portion of MONROE ASPHALT to his son Dave, Darren and Kelly’s Father, who eventually acquired the whole company. Dave still successfully owns and operates MONROE ASPHALT.

With a family history so deeply entrenched within the paving and asphalt maintenance industry, it was only natural that Darren and Kelly were to learn the trade at an early age. For the past ten years Darren and Kelly have taken various paths in the asphalt industry and decided to unite their knowledge and passion together and follow in their family’s tradition in the asphalt business. From this decision was born Koester’s Sealcoating in 2007.

Darren and Kelly firmly believe in honest, quality, customer service driven work. Their ambition on every job is to deliver quality work at competitive prices while educating the consumer. Their primary goal is to leave every customer satisfied. Please feel free to contact Koester’s Sealcoating with any questions, concerns, or to request estimates. They will be happy to assist you.